Saturday, May 22, 2010

Focusing on Gospel Principles

I don't know if it's just the time of year, or what. But I have been feeling so burnt out lately. I have so much going on and preparing each week for singing time can easily become just another thing on my to-do list that, unfortunately, usually gets left for Saturday.

I LOVE my primary kids and I LOVE those moments when you feel the spirit in singing time and you know the kids feel it too. They make all the hard work worth it.

I am in need of a serious over-haul in my calling. Not in visual aids or ideas or anything, just in personal motivation and dedication to serving the Lord through this calling. I have made some short term and long term goals and hope that they will make a difference in my approach to teaching.

First things first: tomorrow I have a very simple activity planned that I hope will help reinforce the gospel principles taught in the songs, not just memorization of the words. I usually like to plan a game or project--something to help them be motivated to participate. I never do competitive games (like one team against another) but try to have the whole primary work together toward a common goal.

But I noticed in the sharing time outline for tomorrow it specifically says to try to create a reverent atmosphere so the children can focus on feeling the Holy Ghost and discussing how it helps them. I don't want to do a rowdy game and then turn them over to the Primary Presidency all wired, which can definitely happen when I have a fun game for singing time.

For tomorrow, I have simply printed out in big letters HO-L-Y-G-H-O-ST. On the back of each letter (or group of letters) is a question that reinforces a gospel principle from one of our 5 program songs we've learned so far. The songs with multiple verses I've split up into one question per verse. Senior primary will also have a scripture to look up that goes with the song. The 7 pieces will be scattered around the room. I'll invite a child to go pick one and read the question on the back. We'll sing the corresponding song, then discuss the gospel principle taught in the song. Once all the pieces have been collected and put up on the board, we'll unscramble it to spell out HOLY GHOST. I'll end by talking about the Holy Ghost is a gift Heavenly Father gives us to help feel his love and help us know what to do to return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus. I'll bear my testimony ( I always do) and hopefully this will be a good segway into sharing time.

These are the questions I have planned:

1.What did the Nephite children feel while Jesus was blessing and teaching them? (I know that my Savior Loves Me 1st verse)

2. Even though Jesus isn’t here with us like he was in the Book of Mormon story, he gives us special people to help guide us. Who are they? (I know that my Savior Loves me, 2nd verse)

3.How did Heavenly Father show us what we are supposed to do on earth so that we can return and live with Him? (He Sent His Son

4. JR:How did the prophet Adam serve the Lord? (Follow the Prophet, vs 1)

4. SR: Where did the prophet Daniel get his power? (Follow the Prophet, vs 8)

5. Why does Heavenly Father give us prophets on the earth today? (Follow the Prophet, Pres Monson verse)

6. Whose church do we belong to? (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

7. What blessing will we get if we live by the teachings of Jesus Christ? (Choose the Right Way)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful posts! After I read this last post, I thought of a quote that Sister Julie Beck said in this last General Conference:"We can feel certain that the Lord is please when we feel the Spirit working though us. Peace, joy and hope are available to those who measure success properly."
I am certain that you are doing a wonderful job magnifying your calling and that the Lord is well pleased with your efforts.
Thank you.
-Carol Aubery,TX

Shiree said...

Do you have singing time before your sharing time lesson? We are not getting much time to sing because the sharing time lessons are going too long and we are at the end.

Shay said...

I appreciate your openness about feeling burnt out by your calling. I feel the exact same way. I was in the Primary Presidency and felt like that was a lot, but this Primary chorister calling is more work. I LOVE it in every aspect, but it is amazing how much work it is. We truly have the most important calling in Primary. The songs are what the children will remember for the rest of their lives and these songs will help them in so many situations to remember who they are and to feel the spirit.
Good Luck in your calling. You do an amazing job. I LOVE this idea of the Holy Ghost and remembering the principles of the songs.

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