Saturday, September 5, 2009

Singing Time Bingo

Preparing for the program is in full swing and I am really enjoying these final weeks of reviewing because I don't have to do much teaching, just play fun games and do some fine-tuning!

Tomorrow I am doing Singing Time Bingo. I have been thinking about doing some kind of a bingo game to really focus on certain parts of certain songs that we need to practice so I'm excited about this one...

I started by going into Word and typing out 24 short phrases from our program songs with fill-in-the-blanks. I was able to do 2 or more from each verse of each song that we are singing. For junior primary I am making one giant bingo card on poster board. I'll have a child choose a strip of paper out of a basket and read it (or have their teacher help them read it). Then they'll have to fill in the blank and find that word on the bingo card. Then we'll sing that line of the song. The advantage with this game is that we can really focus on small pieces of songs. I think that will help my primary kids a lot, rather than just singing the whole songs all the way through.

For Senior primary I decided to make them individual bingo cards and let them play their own. I found this awesome website that makes custom bingo cards for free. There are several (I just googled "bingo maker") but this is the one I used and it worked great: You just type in your 24 words and it makes up to 50 different bingo cards and you can customize how many you print on each page, etc. How easy is that?!

I may just pass out a crayon to each child and have them color in the squares as we go rather than having markers for each square. It's simple.

Can't wait!


Elise and Lane said...

I just printed a bunch of Bingo cards for Sunday! Thanks for the great idea and website!!!

Anonymous said...
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