Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rainy Day Review

Today in Junior primary I will be finishing up Singing Time Bingo that we started last week (see my last post). They only got through 10 songs, which was awesome review so it met my objective, but they didn't even get Bingo once so they were all begging me to bring it back this week. So...easy prep for me!

Sr. Primary, on the other hand, went through many more songs and several people got Bingo since they were playing with their own cards. So this week I planned something new for them. It has been a rainy week here in Texas and I've been busy with other things so I am doing a pretty simple activity today. Going with the rainy day theme, I printed off 8 clip art pictures of umbrellas and colored them different colors. Then I cut out 8 rain drops out of blue construction paper. If I was feeling up to it I would have put them on cardstock and laminated them so I could reuse them, but like I said, I'm going simple today. On the back of each raindrop I wrote one of our program songs, and on the back of the umbrellas I wrote a different way to sing the song:

boys only, girls only, teachers and leaders only, stacatto, acapella, stand on one foot, face the back of the room, and eyes closed.

I am just going to tape them all around the room and choose a child to pick a raindrop and an umbrella and then we'll sing that song. To add some excitement, I invited our missionaries to come and help me. I am going to give them each an old tie (donated by my husband) and cut their ties off as the kids sing well. I have been wanting to try that for a while and we have some really outgoing missionaries in our ward right now so they were happy to help.

Happy Singing!

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