Saturday, June 27, 2009

Primary Punch

Another super successful activity I did a few weeks ago (and again, I have seen it on several different websites) was called Primary Punch.

I bought a science fair project board and cut out 9 circles just barely smaller in circumference than my plastic cups. I spray painted the board black (you should have seen the black circles on my grass because I didn't lay anything down while I was spray painting!). I wrote the words to the song Seek the Lord Early on 9 strips of paper and placed them in the plastic cups. Then I covered the cups with different colors of tissue paper and secured the paper with rubber bands. If you cut the circles just smaller than the lip of the cup, it will fit snugly in the hole.

When the kids came in I had put the picture prompts for the song up on the board in order. I chose a child to come up and choose a circle to punch. They LOVED punching through the tissue paper to get the word strip out and then match it to the picture on the board. Then we sang that phrase. It was a little hard for junior primary to put it all together after singing the phrases out of order, but the older kids picked up on it much faster.

This was a big hit, and one I'll definitely use again!

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Monaca said...

The cups is a GREAT way to do this!! I've seen paper bags, and other ways, but this makes it EASY to reuse again. GREAT tip!!