Sunday, June 28, 2009

Choosing Helpers

I have seen several different ideas out there for how to choose helpers for singing/sharing time. I don't like to choose myself because I don't want kids to think I have favorites. Plus you get the same kids volunteering all the time and others don't raise their hands but they will participate if I call on them. I found this idea on SugarDoodle and made it for my primary.

I printed out 15 clipart flowers, mounted them on cardstock, and laminated them with contact paper (I use contact paper on EVERYTHING!). Then I bought a package of lollipop sticks and painted them green. I hot glued the flowers on the sticks and stuck them in a pot with beans (it looks like dirt/rocks and it holds the sticks up). On the back of each flower I have different things written, like:

*brought scriptures (this is a great motivator-some kids have started bringing their scriptures because they know this might help them get picked!)
*wearing red
*wearing yellow
*wearing black shoes
*brown eyes
*brown hair
*not wearing socks
*wearing glasses

I wrote the words on sticky notes and cut them down to size so that I could change them out. After using those for several months I changed some of them to say Birthday in Jan, Birthday in Feb, etc.

I really like using my flower pot so the kids don't get to rowdy when it's time to pick helpers. They know I'm just going to pick a flower and if they're sitting reverently and it applies to them, they'll get to participate!

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